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Contest description

Simply login and participate our contest uploading an artistic photo that in your opinion better describes Enkronos ICO Project. Best photos will get the prizes:

  1. Ranked: 10.000 ENK
  2. Ranked: 5.000 ENK
  3. Ranked: 1.000 ENK


1 ENK = 0,003 ETH. Other info on Enkronos Tokens available in

All photos will be moderated before publishing.

Contest type: Jury

Contest type Jury will choose the winning participations after the Contest duration has officially ended. This means Contest Dream application will not automatically generate any winning conditions, best participations will be selected by a jury.

Participation type: Photos

Users can participate in this game with a simple upload of their photo.


a digital strategy agency based in beautiful Estonia.



Reward 10.000 ENK

Reward 5.000 ENK

Reward 1.000 ENK